Gillian J


Who is Gillian J?

Gillian J is a personal stylist and image consultant. With an extensive background in the fashion industry, she uses her experience in the areas of modeling, fashion design and image consulting to help others look and feel their best.​​

“Through my work, I strive to give inspiration, power, and confidence to my clients. By providing individuals with education on using fashion as a life enhancing tool, they will be able to create the image that accurately reflects their personality”.

Founded in 2008, we offer:

  • Personal Styling and Image Consulting
  • Fashion and Style tips
  • Access to the latest clothing and accessory brands to satisfy all style tastes
  • Insight into the Fashion and Beauty business from other industry professionals

If Gillian is not at a fashion event, or writing articles about fashion, she can be found traveling. “For me, traveling is an escape from routine, a way to learn about other cultures, and an opportunity to see what is happening in the world outside the individual bubble I sometimes find myself in.” Whether driving 15 minutes away from home to lounge on Hollywood Beach or flying to another continent to sample macaroons in France, travel gives me the ability to see the fashion trends in that area and how people use fashion to tell their own story.

Other services offered at Gillian J. include fashion show production, creative direction for music video and photo shoots, and grand openings for fashion/beauty related businesses. Contact us for further information.


Living life with Purpose. Passion. Power.